The block is the first line of defense against the smash. It is usually performed by more than one front row players and is used to stop the the smashed ball from crossing the net and to deflect  it into the opponents court.


    As mentioned before you can have one two or three front court players blocking. A good block should be able to move along the net quickly and efficiently, jump in the right place, at the right time and be able to read the smasher.


    The player should be close to the net and shoulders parallel to the net, feet shoulder width apart, back straight and hands in front of the shoulders. 

    Blockers need to be ready to move along the net to be in the correct position. This should be where the attacker is anticipated to hit the ball across the net. To move laterally, side stepping is the quickest and best form of movement.

    The jump should include the player jumping vertically with the extension of the legs and the hands vertically and slightly forward. The arms are extended over the net with the elbows locked. There should be no gap between both hands and the fingers of each hand should be spread.

    The timing of the block depends on the characteristics of the individual smasher. The basic rule is that the blocker should jump just after the smasher.

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