To be able to play volleyball well the two main important factors are posture and movement without these skills like the dig or volley would not be performed well.

    To play volleyball well you need to be able to be in the correct place at the right time, and be balanced.

    To practice skills in a static position is of little benefit, the coach must always try to introduce pre and post-contact movement into a drill.

The Ready position     POSTURE

        For a good posture the feet should be not wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed slightly in.
        The knees should be pushed forward but not passed the front of the toes.
        Arms held in front of the body
        When moving, both the center of weight and the eyes should travel parallel to the floor and thus the head does not move up and down.

A good fun exercise to encourage movement would be Shadow, where player A will copy payer B's movement.


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