This is a two handed pass above the forehead. This skill is usually the first to be taught to a beginner because it is possible to get a game going very quickly with this skill.

The volley is mostly used to set up an attack close to the net - to set the ball - for an attacker to smash the ball over the net. It can also be used to receive a slow moving ball from the opposition.


    Each player on the court should adopt the ready position, this gives the player the ability to move and respond to where ever the ball is going to go.

To volley the player should face the direction the ball is going to be played. 

The player should be in a position to make contact with the ball slightly above and in front of the forehead. The hands are ball shaped and about 10cm apart.

    As the ball approaches the hands, the player starts to extend his legs and then arms. As the ball goes into the players arms the arms start to extend and passes the ball in the direction required. This accompanied with a transfer in weight from the back foot to the front foot will propel the ball forward.



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