As a coach it is your responsibility to be in charge of a group of players, to ensure that they are able to play volleyball in a safe environment. 

Their are some potential hazards and these are listed below:

Facilities and Equipment

The Floor : Make sure the floor is clean of loose objects and grit.
The Walls : Free of objects sticking out and are their any doors which open onto the play area.
The Equipment : Are the posts fixed down securely to the floor and are their any dangerous ropes below head height.

Control and Supervision

    As a coach you need to be aware of the following factors which has a direct influence on safety.

1) Net infringements should be pulled up to avoid injury and dangerous play.
2) Skill levels of players should be taken into consideration, so that unskilled players are not coming up against a skilled player smashing directly at them.
3) Loose balls should be put to one side of the court and balls should not be allowed to roll into an area when a player is jumping
4) Before every practice a warm is vital in helping prevent injury. 


    As a coach your main responsibility is to know where you can find the nearest first aid person available. If you suspect a head, back or neck injury do not attempt to move them remember most volleyball injuries are soft tissue injuries.

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